How to Download Youtube Videos Free on PC

Youtube is one of the biggest portals of videos includes music videos, movies, entertainment, games, tutorial and so on. Many peoples want to download music videos, movies from youtube and create a video directory in their pc to watch in offline mode. but mostly they can not download because of unaware about how to download Youtube videos directly to their PC.

This article will assist you in how to download Youtube videos in 4K free, UHD quality free directly in your PC and laptop. After download video from youtube can be played offline without internet service which keeps you entertained on planes, trains, trips, and places.

How to Download Youtube Videos

How to Download Youtube videos in PC

Following are the steps which help you in how to download youtube videos

1: Download 4K Video Downloader

Before to go for downloading youtube videos you should download 4K Video Downloader. Which is very important for the youtube reliable service. Through you can download youtube videos easily.

4K video downloader is the best Windows PC & Laptop app for to Download a video from youtube. Through this completely free versatile software, you can download and enjoy millions of videos in normal to high-quality videos from the youtube. You can also download whole playlist 360-degree, UHD and 3D videos. When its done don’t forget to check the box marked ‘Launch’ and click ‘Finish option.

2: Copy & Paste the video URL from the youtube

First of all, you need to open your Internet Explorer and type Now go to the search bar and search for any video which you want to see or download. Now the video will start playing automatically, its the time to copy URL of the video from internet explorer / Google chrome or whatever browser you are using.

Once you copied the video link go back to 4K Video downloader and open it. Now paste the copied link at green option available at the top left mentioning “Paste Link” option.

Once it starts working the app will retrieve all the information about your searching videos which may contain the video quality options, it can vary on the quality of the original video, no mater 4k Video downloader can still help you to download a video from youtube if its available in 4k video quality.

3:  Quality and format options

4K Video Downloader can permit you to download a youtube video whole youtube videos, or simply rip the audio. Choose your preferred selection by using a “drop-down menu” on the left, then select the format menu on the “right”. We suggest Mp4 is the best option because it gives you good quality your video which can play easily in every device.

If you want to playback video on your TV and Windows PC, we recommend you choose the highest resolution but also keep in mind this will take longer and more space. The best feature of this app is you can check the estimated file size on the “left” to see how much space it will take.

You can also choose the right place in your storage for your download by using the “Browse” button at the bottom. If you are satisfied with download file location. Simply click ‘Download’.

4:  Download a video from youtube

You will now download the youtube clip. If the creator’s channel contains other videos, 4K Video Downloader will ask if you also want to download those also. Up to 24 videos can be downloaded at once.

You can discover it in the target folder once the downloading youtube video is completed. You can right-click it in the 4K Video Downloader and pick ‘ Play. ‘ The video will remain in this list until you choose to remove it, even if you close and restart the software unless you change the settings.

5:  Try Smart Mode

Check out Smart Mode if you frequently download videos in the same format. This saves video and automatically loads your download preferences. Click the lightbulb icon in the top right corner and the next time you paste a URL into the 4K Video Downloader, the last settings you used will be downloaded instantly.

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